Minimize On Click Feature for Unity Launcher Will Available in Ubuntu 14.04

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Christopher Townsend proposed via Lauchpad, enable feature the maximize/minimize windows from the Unity launcher in Ubuntu 14.04

Software Engineer Canonical, Christopher Townsend, proposed the function to maximize / minimize active window through the Unity launcher in Ubuntu 14.04 is included. Worth to note that this function has been proposed several times in different versions of Ubuntu but has always been rejected even by Mark Shuttleworth himself.

Enable Maximize/Minimize Window from Unity Launcher

This feature will be turned off by default, but ubuntu users can enable it using CCSM (CompizConfig Settings Manager). Install CSSM from terminal:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Once installed, Launch CompizConfig Settings Manager unity dash then navigate to Ubuntu Unity Plugin – Select Laucher tab – Check list “Minimize Single Window Applications (Unsupported)”. Now you can minimize/maximize windows through unity launcher.

enable minimize for unity launcher via ccsm ubuntu 14

You need to know, maximize/winimize window from unity launcher only work for single window applications. Iif there are two open windows for an application this feature not work, but it will continue to open the App Spread, the standard Unity behaviour.

Unity App Spread

You can know all the details, referring back to the request on Launchpad.

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