Bumblebee Configurator GUI: Front-End for the Bumblebee Configuration Files

Bumblebee Configurator GUI is an apps based on Python and development by Alessandro Facciorusso. it allow linux user easily set up and manage Bumblebee/Nvidia Optimus  through a simple graphical interface.

Bumblebee is an free open source project that allows you to better manage the Nvidia Optimus on Linux Distributions. Nvidia Optimus is a technology found in many pc portals that allows two graphics cards to operate on an integrated and dedicated all to reduce energy consumption.

What Bumblebee Configurator GUI can do:

  • Select the acceleration / rendering bridge: auto, virtualgl (“optirun”) or primus (“primusrun”);
  • Set the method used for VirtualGL to transport frames between X servers: proxy, jpeg, rg, xv or yuv;
  • Set the proprietary Nvidia driver version (e.g.: nvidia-304, nvidia-310 and so on) as well as set the library paths;
  • Set the secondary Xorg server display number;
  • Set if the card should be turned off at exit or not;
  • Select the driver (proprietary Nvidia drivers or Nouveau);
  • And much more.

Installing Bumblebee Configurator GUI on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Bumblebee Configurator GUI is absolutely usable, and can be installed to a very simple on Linux Mint, Ubuntu 13.04 and ubuntu previous version (11.10,12.04,12.10) through a Personal Package Archieve. open terminal and install Bumblebee Configurator GUI with the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandrofac93/bumblebee-config-gtk-dev
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bumblebee-config-gtk

After installatioan, Press ALT+F2 then type “bumblebee-config” or via terminal by typing “gksudo bumblebee-config”

Note: Bumblebee Configurator GUI is in its early development stages so you may encounter bugs. If you have bugs, you can report them on THIS PAGE.

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