How to Install Unity Desktop on Linux Mint 13 Maya

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Unity on Linux mint 13 maya

Unity is great desktop environment developed by Canonical Ltd. Unity Desktop Environment is designed for mouse, touchpad, and keyboard use. It includes a new panel, HUD (Head up Display) and application launcher that makes it fast and easy to access preferred applications, such as the Internet browser, while removing screen elements that are rarely used.

On This tutorial I will explains How to install and configure Unity desktop on Linux Mint 13 Maya. unity running very wells on linux mit 13

Install Unity On Linux Mint 13

Unity package available on Linux mint software repository, to install it just open your teminal and type the following command below,

sudo apt-get install unity

 Or, you can install unity package from Linux Mint Software Manager

software manager linux mint 13

Configure Unity on Linux Mint 13

Now, create file unity.desktop on directory /usr/share/xsession, Login as root

sudo -i

Then copy and paste this script in to terminal:

cat > /usr/share/xsessions/unity.desktop <<-EOF
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=This session logs you into Ubuntu
Exec=gnome-session --session=ubuntu

Logout from cinnamon desktop environment, change your xsession to unity

If you have something error after install unity or unity not running. Reinstall unity desktop with following command, in this case you are should login on cinnamon desktop environment

sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity

Then, reset unity desktop with command below:

sudo unity --reset

Enjoy with unity desktop on Linux Mint 13 Maya, Thanks.

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