Install Prozilla Download Accelerator and Apt-proz in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS via PPA

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Prozilla is a Fast and lightweight internet download accelerator apps ncurses based in ubuntu linux. it running in command line mode, support parallel download, pause and resume both HTTP and FTP protocol. prozilla has FTP search feature too which can search faster FTP server for the file you’re downloading.

Apt-proz is a simple bash script to accelerate the download process via apt, it can increase apt-get download speed by many times. The idea is based on apt-fast by Matt Parnell. While apt-fast uses axel or aria2c to increase its download speed, apt-proz uses ProZilla engine instead.

How to Install Prozilla and Apt-proz in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

prozilla-apt-proz ubuntu 12.04 LTS precise pangolin

to install prozilla download accelerator and apt-proz in ubuntu 12.04 lts precise pangolin, add PPA below with following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tahutek-team/prozilla
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install prozilla apt-proz

How to Use Prozilla

In this case w’ll download ubuntu iso image with prozilla, let see

General usage

proz download_url

To resume download you can use following command

proz -r download_url
proz -r

To Limit download speed you can use following command, ex: 12800 bps

proz --max-bps=12800 download_url
proz --max-bps=12800

FTP search

proz -s download_url
proz -s

For More prozilla options you can type command below in terminal

proz --help

How to Use APT-Proz

Usage apt-Proz is easy because that similarity with the apt-get command. Run “apt-proz install package-name” to install package, “sudo apt-get upgrade” and “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” to perform an upgrade

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