Powertop 1.97 : Tool Saving Power Designed for Intel Hardware Platforms

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Powertop 1.97 : Tool Saving Power Designed for Intel Hardware Platforms

Powertop 1.97 is a command-line tool for save power Linux. Designed for Intel platforms that shows you the power consumption of the applications running on your linux system. It works best on notebooks with Intel mobile processors and can help you find out the programs that put a strain on your notebook battery.

in addition,Powwrtop Not just for increasing battery life, powertop can help you figure out bugs or flaws in the system and fixing them can help you save a lot of energy and in case of large data centers with thousands of machines, it could directly result in significant reduction in costs of electricity and chip heating issues

Powertop works on kernel 2.6.21 or higher with tickless idle enabled (CONFIG_NO_HZ) which is currently available for 32-bit kernels only. if you using latest ubuntu linux you can use Powertop because the latest Ubuntu comes with a 3.0 kernel by default

For more information About PowerTOP you can Found here

Instal PowerTOP 1.97 in Ubuntu

By default the package PowerTOP 1.97 available on Ubuntu Software Repository. so you can install it using following command :

sudo apt-get install powertop

if you are not ubuntu user, Download and install the latest powertop source

cd /tmp
wget http://www.linuxpowertop.org/download/powertop-1.8.tar.gz
tar xvfz powertop-1.8.tar.gz
cd powertop-1.8
sudo make
sudo make install 

That’s it. If you see no errors, Powertop is now installed on your system and ready to be used. 

Using PowerTOP 1.9

To use powertop on ubuntu, just open terminal and run powertop (it Required root privilage)

sudo powertop

and it will show you the power consumption over the time. To quit Powertop, simply press ESC.

powertop - usage powertopthats it :)

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