AutoWifi: Tool to Login Automatically on Wifi Hotspots that Using Web-based Authentification

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AutoWifi: tool to login automatically on wifi hotspots that using web-based authentification

AutoWifi is a application based Python and GTK (PyGTK) that allows users laptop / PC that have wifi to login automatically to free WiFi hotspots that using web-based authentication. AutoWifi Working hidden in the systray, AutoWifi will login securely to a hotspot once an SSID matched.

AutoWifi alpha release. So, carefully using this application

AutoWifi doesn’t provide accounts for these free hotspots. The first time you meet a SSID known by AutoWifi, it will prompt you to enter your account, if needed, thru a GUI. Accounts informations are saved according the XDG freedesktop specs. (in file ~/.config/autowifi/autowifi.conf). To modify your account, just edit this file

Installation AutoWifi on Ubuntu 11.10

AutoWifi available in the PPA, to install AutoWifi just add ppa:manatlan/ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:manatlan/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install autowifi

if you don’t want to install autowifi via PPA, you can download Autowifi manually and then install it using dpkg (debian package):

sudo apt-get install python-clientform python-distutils-extra python-mechanize python-pyparsing python-twill
wget -O autowifi_0.1-public29_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i autowifi_0.1-public29_all.deb

To Start AutoWifi press ALT+F2 then type “autowifi“, or via unity dash type autowifi

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