Play nSnake Game in terminal ubuntu 11.10

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nSnake is a famous classic snake game written using ncurses and can only be played on a terminal or command line interface (CLI). nSnake not only be played on ubuntu, but nSnake also be played in almost all platform GNU / Linux

Follow the guide how to install nSnake in ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric ocelot below.  if you need complete information about nSnake you can visit the website developer nSnake @

Before installing nsnake package, install it first package libncurses5-dev

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev

then download and install packages nsnake

wget -O nsnake.tar.gz
tar -xzvf nsnake.tar.gz
cd nsnake-1.3
sudo make install

Play nSnake Game in terminal ubuntu 11.10

To play nSnake,  type nSnake in the terminal. to play this game make sure the terminal in a state maximize.

play nsnake
Press Enter or Space : to start game
Press q                         : to quit

Have fun with nSnake !! :)

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