How to Change Proxy Settings Chromium Browser on ubuntu 11.10

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This tutorial special for you who have problems with proxy settings in chromium browser on ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Actually in chormium browsers already provide tools for setting up the order chromium browser use the proxy when accessing the internet. On chromium browser usually you can change proxy settings via menu preference → Under the Hood → change proxy settings → Network proxy then enter the IP proxy server and proxy port. But after change proxy settings using these ways chromium browser does not use the proxy when accessing the internet

Well, this time I will give you a guide How to Change Proxy Settings Chromium browser on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

  • Press the key combination ALT + F2 then type:
gksu nautilus
  • Open the file chromium-browser.desktop located in the directory /usr/share/applications

How to Change Proxy Settings Chromium Browser on ubuntu 11.10

  • Then find and edit the following line:
Exec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser %U
  • Add this option
--proxy-server="Ip proxy Server:port" (ex: --proxy-server="")

change proxy setting chromium browser

  • Then save and close

If the chromium browser is still running, close chromium browser and then turn on back,now you can access the Internet using chromium browser with proxy

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